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How to Sort a List


To sort a tab-indented list, click 'Tools > Sort'. You can sort the complete list all in one go, or you can sort the contents of a single Branch, starting from the current position of your caret (cursor). A 'Branch' is defined as starting on a line where the next line has one more indent that it has. So, if a line 'A' has 2 indents and the next line has 3 indents, line 'A' is the start of a branch. A 'Branch' continues until the indent level of a subsequent line returns to the same level as the start.


When you sort a list, the results are shown in a new page. When you sort a Branch, only the sorted Branch is shown in a new page.


A Sort Report is also provided, in a box to the right of the 'Sort' page. The report will tell you how many lines were moved, and what the start and end position of each moved-line is. You can select-all, copy, and paste it somewhere else if you wish to use the Sort Report as a reference.


Some languages sort letters in different ways, dependent on their own culture. To cope with this, Tab-List Tools provides three different settings for the 'Sort Language Order':


    Local PC - uses the culture settings currently selected on your computer.


    Invariant - a culture-insensitive search; it is associated with the English language but not with any specific country or region.


    Culture Specific - use the dropdown control to choose from 136 different culture-specific search types.