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How to Search and Replace


Click 'Tools > Search/Replace' to find the Search and Replace facilities. There are a number of options, or you can just use the default settings. To test the Search options, click 'Tools > Testing' and load the 'Wedding Guests' list. Return to the 'Search/Replace' page. Enter your text to be search-for in the box to the left of the 'Search' button. You do not need to enter any tab-indents.


Select a Search-Type in the 'Search and Replace' panel:


    No Qualifier - Will search for whatever you enter in the upper 'Search' box as a complete line.


    Contains - Will match 'room' in 'Groomsman'


    Whole Words - Will only match complete words, not word-parts


    Starts With - Will match 'Bride' in 'Bridesmaid'


    Line Ends with - Will match 'ant' in 'celebrant'


    Word Ends with - Will match 'ant' in 'Partner of wedding participant'


In the 'Search Options' panel you can choose 'Case Match Exact', which will only find words with identical case to the Search phrase: UPPER, lower, Initial Caps. You can choose to confine your search within text that has already been selected by selecting 'Selected Text', or search within a Branch that is indicated by placing your caret on the first line of that Branch. A 'Branch' is defined as starting on a line where the next line has one more indent that it has. So, if a line 'A' has 2 indents and the next line has 3 indents, line 'A' is the start of a branch. A 'Branch' continues until the indent level of a subsequent line returns to the same level as the start.


You can choose to ignore the presence of brackets when searching by checking 'Brackets > Ignore Brackets'. Once you have done that, you can then choose which type of brackets to ignore: all of them, or one specific type.


You can choose whether the number of indents on a line should be referenced in your search in the 'Indents' panel. The default 'Ignore' will take no account of the indent-quantity, or you can choose from 'Same As', 'More Than' or 'Less Than' the value you select in the lower 'Level' drop-down control.


Once you have selected your options, you are ready to perform a search by clicking the 'Search and Replace > Search' button. The results of your search will be shown in the Workspace area by the coloring each positive line in green. You can then step through each result with the First/Next/Prev/Last buttons. You can also copy all matches to a new page by clicking the 'Actions > Selected to New Page' button, or copy all lines that were not matched to a new page by clicking the 'Actions > Not Selected to New Page' button.


The 'Adapt Replace Case' option is used when replacing some text with something else. If you check the 'Adapt Replace Case' option, it will set the case of the replaced text to the same case-setting as the original text was, at each occurrence where the original text is found.