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You can choose the type, size and style of font used in the following program areas: Workspace, ScratchPad, Favorites, List Builder, Directories, and TreeViewer. An example of the current font is shown in the right-hand text box, along with the name, size, and style of the current font. To change a font, select a program-area in the 'Font Selection' panel, then click 'Change'. A font-select dialog will open. Click 'OK' when you have chosen the font that you want to use. Click 'Save' to apply the new selections. I would recommend that you stay with one of the so-called 'Fixed Width Fonts', such as Consolas, Courier New, DejaVu Sans Mono, Liberation Mono, Lucida Console, Menlo, Monaco, etc. These are also known as 'monospaced', 'fixed-pitch', or non-proportional fonts, and are unique in that every character has the same actual width as others in that font. They make creating or editing a tab-indented list much clearer.