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There are a total of 40 different program-colors that can be loaded, altered, and saved to create 'Themes'. You can find the Themes by clicking 'Extra > Options > Themes'. There are ten different Themes: seven are pre-programmed and can't be altered, whilst the three Custom Themes can be changed in any way the you like, and then saved, exported, or imported. The Themes only store colors, not any other of the program options. To change a Theme, choose one in the 'Theme Select' panel, then click 'Save'. The new colors will be applied to the program framework, and will be applied to the Workspace ONCE YOU OPEN A NEW PAGE.


To create one of your own Themes, select one of the Custom Themes (1-3) on  the 'Themes' page, then open either the 'Colors 1' or the 'Colors 2' pages. Click any of the color boxes, and a Color Dialog will open. You can click one of the Basic Colors, enter HSL or RGB integer values, or drag the color-selector cross and the luminance slider to create the exact color that you want. Click 'OK' and your new color will be applied to the square on the Colors page. Once you have finished changing all of the colors that you want to, click 'Save' to close the Options window and return to the main program. Your new colors will be saved as part of the Custom Theme that you selected, and will be applied whenever that Custom Theme is chosen.


If, after making some changes, you wish to reset the color values to what they were when you opened the Options window, click the 'Reset' button. If you ever wish to set all program values, including colors, to the default settings supplied when the program was first installed, click 'Default'.


If you would like to use one of the seven pre-programmed Themes as a basis for some changes, select the one that you want and click 'Theme Export' to save it as a '.pktc' Theme-Colors file. You can then click 'Theme Import' to import it again. During the import process you will be asked which of the Custom Themes (1-3) you want to import it as. Choose one of those, and save it as that Custom Theme. You can then alter any of the colors, as before.