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How to Locate and Fix Errors in a Tab-Indented List


First of all we need a list with some errors in it. If you haven't got one of your own, then the 'Tools > Testing' page has a variety of test-lists that you can practice on. When you have a list loaded in the Workspace, return to the 'Tools > Errors' page and click the 'Status Check' button. Assuming some errors were found, you will notice that each line has a red marker added in the Error Margin (third margin from left) and that the background color of the line with an error has also been changed to red. The 'List Status' panel will show the Total Error count, as well as other useful information. The 'Brackets' panel will indicate the count for each type of bracket. If there is mismatch between left and right brackets, the bracket-type will be shown in red. The nine different types of errors are indicated in the 'List Error Types' panel. Each type has its own checkbox. If you clear the checkbox, that type will not be included in a Status Check. Once found, you can step through the located errors with the First/Next/Prev/Last buttons. For each step, the text will be scrolled to that Error Line, and the caret will be placed at the beginning of the line. The Error Type will be reported for 3 seconds in the right-hand box of the Status Strip.


In addition, you can also check for Matching Lines.  Note that Matching Lines are not the same as Duplicates. 'Matching Lines' are defined as identical lines: same text, same number of indents, whereas 'Duplicates' refer to repeated words anywhere in the text, even if they have a different indent level or parent hierarchical structure. To check for Matching Lines in the Error panel, you might first need to clear any existing  Blank Line or Excess Indent errors, which is why there is a separate button for 'Matching Lines'.


For more information on 'Error-Types', see the 'Error-Types' page.


Some error-types can be fixed automatically. These types are: Matching Lines, Trailing Tabs, and Trailing Spaces. There is a 'Delete Errors' button that does this, once you have selected the type of errors that you wish to delete.


For more information on Tab-Indented List Errors, and an answer to the question: 'If you can find other errors, why can't you delete them automatically?' please visit the 'Error Fixing' page.