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Branch  -  A Parent category that groups child-data. A Branch may contain other branches.

Caret  -  The proper name for your cursor .

Category  -  An enclosed term used for structure of information that is generally not exported.

Child  -  A node of the tree belonging to a Parent.

Collapse  -  To close all nodes in a tree except the Root node.

Hierarchical Path  -  A complete listing of the route from Root node to a specified Child.

Parent  -  A category of data used to group connected Child nodes.

Peer  -  One of a number of terms grouped within a Branch.

Root  -   The initial 'top' Parent-node of the tree.

Synonym  -  An enclosed term used to indicate alternate meanings for a previous word.

Tab-Indented List - a plain-text list that uses tab indentations to define a hierarchy.

Tree  -  A way to visualize a tab-indented list.