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How to Interpret the Status Line


The Status Line, at the bottom of the main program window, maintains some useful information in a concise format. The Status Line is divided into three boxes:


Left Box:

    C: The number of characters on the line at the caret.

    L: The current line-number of the caret.

    T: Total characters before the caret.

    TL: Total lines in the page.

    TC: Total characters in the page.


Middle Box:

    SC: Number of characters in the current selection.

    SL: Number of lines in the current selection.

    Bk: Number of Bookmarks in the current page.


Right Box:

    Used for extended Tool-Tip messages, and other useful process messages.


Note: When counting characters, don't forget that not all characters can be seen! As you move from the end of one line to the start of the next, you will be passing two hidden characters: a line-feed and a carriage-return.