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Tab-List Tools Main Window


The Tab-List Tools program-window is split into 3 main regions:

    Upper-left: The program 'Workspace', where you will open, create, and edit your tab-indented lists.


    Upper-right: The 'Extensions' area, where there are a number of facilities useful whilst working on your lists:

        Scratch Pad


        List Builder


        Tree Viewer


    Bottom: The 'Tools' area for the program, with tabs that lead you to all of the main processing tasks:

        Errors  -  Check the Status of a page in the Workspace. Search for and identify errors.

        Hierarchy  -  Examine and step-through the hierarchy of a tab-indented list.

        Bookmarks  -  Create and identify Bookmarks for any line in your list. Add comments to any line.

        Text Process  -  Select text in many different ways, then change case, add or delete characters & indents.

        Edit  -  Adjust whitespace, add indent sections, sub-divide list alphabetically, fix positions.

        Duplicates  -  Find and step-through tab-indented list duplicates by group and by individual duplicate. 

        Sort  -  Sort a tab-indented list by local PC settings or choose specific Culture settings.

        Compare  -  Compare two tab-indented lists, step-through results, and output differences.

        Search/Replace  -  Search and Replace text within an existing Workspace page.

        Convert  -  Convert a tab-indented list to FlatFile, CSV, or SQL data-formats.

        Testing  -  Use supplied lists to test the program and learn more about the tab-indented format.



In addition, there is a Menu-Bar along the top of the screen, and a Status-Bar along the bottom of the screen.