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The 'Favorites' section is a place to save the names of all your favorite files, and then access them quickly. Unlike the 'Recent Files' list, which can't be edited, Favorites allow you to add and remove files easily, to examine features such as Size, Time/Date Modified, File Attributes, and File Path. You can click on the headers of the list to sort the list in order of that column. You can also Pin a file to the top of the list by right-clicking it and choosing 'Pin This File'. Although sorting by other headers may move a pinned filename away from the top, a click on the 'Pin' header will return it.


Just like files in the 'Recent Files' list, all bookmarks for files in 'Favorites' are saved between sessions.


Files in the 'Favorites' list can have Comments add to them. This can be very useful if you are working with a lot of files with similar or un-helpful filenames. You can add comments that remind you of the function of the file, or its versions, contents, or indeed anything else you wish. Comments are maintained until you un-mark a file as a Favorite. To add a Comment, right-click a file in the Favorites list and choose 'Add/Edit Comment'.


To open a Favorites file in either the current Workspace page, or in a new Workspace page, right-click the file in the Favorites list and choose 'Open in Current Page' or 'Open in New Page'.


You can also open a Favorites file in the ScratchPad by right-clicking the file in the Favorites list and choose 'Open in ScratchPad'.