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Recent Files List


The program stores the filenames of all recent files that you have viewed in a list that opens out from the side of the 'Recent Files' line in the File Menu. The maximum number of recent file-names that are stored is set to a default number of 16, but you can change this with a new value in the range 0 to 20 by clicking 'Extra > Options > Files > Recent Files' and changing the value with the 'Max No.' drop-down control. Adjacent to that is a 'Clear' button, which clears all file-names from the 'Recent Files' list.


The Recent Files list provides a handy method to re-access files that you wish to use again, without having to browse to their folders in the 'Open File' dialog. The list also serves as a useful reminder of which files you actually have been working on recently.


Files in the Recent Files list have their Bookmarks maintained between sessions, so if you added any Bookmarks to a file in the list, the Bookmarks will be loaded again when the file is re-opened by clicking on the name in the Recent Files list.


At start-up, the program checks that all files in the Recent Files list do actually still exist. If any files are no longer located in your computer at the path they were originally used at, their entry will be removed from the list, and any Bookmarks discarded.


As newer files are loaded, their filenames are placed on the top of the list, and older filenames are thus moved down the list, to be eventually lost once sufficent filenames are stored above them.


If you wish to have a more permanent way to remember the names of your important files, even if they have not been used in a while, you should add them to your 'Favorites List'.