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Have you ever had a long list of Peers in a list that is impossible to scroll through? Lightroom used to have a maximum length of Peers: if you exceeded this, the remaining entries just disappeared. A good way around this problem is to sub-divide your list of Peers by using the first letter as a new category, so all of the words beginning with 'A' will be in category 'A',  all of the words beginning with 'B' will be in category 'B', and so on.


The 'Sub-Divide' tool will sub-divide a long list or list section automatically, by indenting the whole list in by one extra tab, and then adding new categories for A, B, C, D, E etc. derived from the word's first letter. It will not create empty categories, if there are no Peers with a particular first letter.


To use the  'Sub-Divide' tool, first select the list of Peers from within your current list that you wish to sub-divide. Next, choose whether you want the new category-letters to be in upper or lower case. If you wish, you can add an optional prefix for the categories by typing it into the 'Prefix' box. Click the 'Divide' button, and a new list will be created with the selected lines sub-divided as specified.