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How to Visualize a Tab-Indented List


The Tab-Indented Tools program has a built-in visualizer that will display your tab-indented list in the way that your usual program will handle it. To visualize a list, the first line must have zero indents, and the list must be free of 'Blank Line' and 'Excess Indent' errors. Visualizing a list is very easy to do: simply load some text to the Workspace, then select the 'Extensions > Tree Viewer' page and click the 'Visualize Current Page' button.


The resultant 'tree' will be shown in its collapsed form. Click on the '+' node-handles to expand the tree in the direction and to the level that you want. Click on the '-' node-handles to collapse the branch above it. The 'Collapse' button at the bottom of the page will return the tree to its collapsed state, and the 'Clear' button will clear it.


Clicking on a node in the tree will show the full hierarchy for that node in the box at the top of the page. Right-clicking on a node gives you more options:


    Scroll to Line: Will scroll the text in your Workspace to the wanted line, and place the caret at the beginning of that line.


    Toggle Bookmark: If there is not a Bookmark already present for that line, it will add one. If there is already a Bookmark for that line, it will delete it.


    Copy Hierarchy to Clipboard: Will copy the full hierarchical address for that line to the Clipboard. You can then use the text for other purposes.