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Bookmarks are a useful addition that lets you better organize your work or mark special section of interest in your tab-indented lists. You can add Bookmarks to any page in the Workspace area by clicking the Bookmarks Margin, which is to the right of the line-numbers margin. You can also add and remove bookmarks by right-clicking a node in the Tree Viewer. A small blue Bookmark will be added. If you prefer, you can change the color in 'Extra > Options > Colors 2 > Bookmark Background' when you are using one of the editable Custom Themes 1-3. Individual Bookmarks are removed by clicking them, or you can remove all Bookmarks for a page by clicking 'Tools > Bookmarks > Clear All Bookmarks for This Page' in the Menu Bar. You can have as many Bookmarks as you want on each page. Bookmarks will be preserved between sessions as long as the file remains in your Recent Files list, or has been added as one of your Favorites. The text-box on the 'Tools > Bookmarks' page shows you all of the Bookmarks that are stored for the current page. The bottom Status Bar also keeps a count, in the 'Bk' section. You can step between Bookmarks using the 'First/Next/Prev/Last buttons, and as you do so, the text in the Workspace will be scrolled to show the bookmarked line at the top or bottom of the window.


Bookmarks are associated with a particular line, not the exact line content. If a bookmarked line is deleted or edited, the bookmark then associates with the content that replaces the deleted text. However, if new lines are inserted, the bookmark moves up with its current content. The actual line-number associated with a Bookmark will change if new lines are added before it, which is why we don't show the line number in the text-box.


The list of Bookmarks in the text-box is always kept in order, and each Bookmark is given an index number. The text for each Bookmark in the textbox corresponds to the first 48 characters of the text for the line that the Bookmark is on, but if you wish, you can change this text to anything else. This is a useful facility that lets you add your own notes to any line in your tab-indented list. These notes will be preserved between sessions if the file is in the Recent Files list, or if the file has been marked as one of your Favorites. You can also export all the notes to the ClipBoard, so that they can be saved or edited elsewhere on your computer. To edit a Bookmark text and add your own notes or comments, right-click a Bookmark and choose 'Edit Bookmark Label'. A window will show with the existing text already added. Edit or replace the text as you like, then click 'OK'. The revised text will now appear in the list of Bookmarks, and will be preserved as long as the Bookmark is not deleted. To export all Bookmarks text for the current page, click the 'Tools > Bookmarks > Copy Text for all Bookmarks on this page to the ClipBoard' button. You will then need to paste the Clipboard into a Workspace page or external editor before it is actually saved.


Bookmarks can also be used as pointers if you want to split a long list into smaller 'Clip Files'. See 'How To Split A List Into Smaller Files' for more information about this.