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The 'Extensions' area of Tab-List Tools occupies the upper-right third of the screen. If the Extensions area is not showing, click 'View > Hide Extensions' or 'View > Hide Tools' in the Menu Bar, or press 'Control+Shift+E' on your keyboard.


The Extensions area contains five pages, each of which is accessed by clicking the relevant tab at the top of the Extensions area:


Scratch Pad  -  Similar to the system Clipboard, but can be examined and edited. Used for Smart Cut, Smart Copy, Smart Paste, and Smart Delete commands.


Favorites  -  Store your favorite files here for easy access, pinning and sorting. Favorite files maintain their Bookmarks between sessions.


List Builder  -  Create large lists from a number of small ones. Includes hierarchy checking for file compatibility.


Directories  -  Easy way to access files on your computer. Add files to Workspace, ScratchPad, Favorites, or List Builder.


Tree Viewer  -  Visualize any tab-indented list as a hierarchical tree. Includes full error-checking. Add Bookmarks from any node.