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New Page  (Ctrl+N)  -  Opens an new page in the Workspace, and assigns an 'Untitled' name. A new name must be assigned when Saving the page.

Open File  (Ctrl+O)  -  Opens an existing file that is currently stored in your computer. The opened-file will be loaded in the current Workspace page.

Recent Files  -  Filenames are added programatically: see the 'Recent Files List' page for more information.

Append File  -  Appends (adds) the contents of an existing file to the end of the text already in the current Workspace page.

Insert File at Caret  -  Inserts the contents of an existing file within the text already in the current Workspace page. The text is inserted at the position of your caret (cursor).

Reload from Disc  -   Reloads the current file to your current Workspace page. Checks that it is OK to overwrite the current page content.

Save Page  (Ctrl+S)  -  If the page already has a valid filename, it will save the current page with that filename. If not, a file-dialog will ask you to specify a path and filename.

Save Page As  (Ctrl+Shift+S)  -  Saves the current page with a new filename. The new filename is then assigned to the open page.

Save Copy As  -  Saves a copy of the current page, in the state that it currently is, with a newly specified filename. The current page keeps its original filename.

Exit the Program  -  Closes the Tab-List Tools program, after checking for any unsaved data. This check can be disabled in 'Options > Files > Other File Options'.