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When creating List Builder Recipes, you can choose where your source files are located, by looking either in the last-used folder, or in a folder that you specify. Similarly, the resultant-files from the List builder can be again stored in either the same folder as the source files, or in a specified folder. The folder where you store completed Recipe Files can be chosen also, or left to the recommended default settings. You should note that, depending on the level of privileges that your Windows User account enjoys, there may be some folders where you are not allowed to save files.


There is a separate setting for the folder where you save to and load from your Workspace pages: this can either be a specified folder, or the folder that you last used.


You can choose whether the program checks for altered work in the Workspace, the ScratchPad, and the List Builder before it exits. I would recommend that you leave these settings as they are, though.


You can choose the number of files that are stored in the 'File > Recent Files' list. Any number between 0 and 20 can be chosen, and the default value is 16. Note that any file listed in the 'Recent Files' list will have its Bookmarks maintained between sessions, just like the files in the 'Favorites' list. To remove all files  from the 'Recent Files' list, click the 'Clear' button. All entries in the 'Recent Files' list are checked to ensure that they still exist when the program starts. Any files no longer present will have their names removed from the list, and their Bookmarks discarded.