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Installing the Photo-Keywords.Com Keyword List in BreezeBrowser Pro

BreezeBrowser Pro External link opens a new Browser window is yet another image management program that can utilise the Photo-Keywords.Com Keyword List, and installing it is very quick and very easy....

How To Install the Keyword List in BreezeBrowser Pro

  1. You will need 7-Zip External link opens a new Browser window (open source), WinRAR External link opens a new Browser window (paid for), Winzip (paid for), or your computer's built-in unzip utility to unpack the ZIP archive file that you downloaded. You should unpack the files into a single folder. This will then contain the following 3 files:
    • instructions.txt
    • license.txt
    • text file - name depends on the version you have downloaded - this is your Keyword Catalog.
  2. Make a copy of the text file, and rename it: 'keywords.txt' (without the quotes).
  3. Make sure BreezeBrowser Pro is NOT running on your computer.
  4. Use 'My Computer' or 'Windows Explorer' to move 'keywords.txt' to the BreezeBrowser installation folder. This will normally be 'C:\Program Files\BreezeSys\BreezeBrowserPro\'.
  5. Job done! Start BreezeBrowser Pro as normal, and the Keyword List, which BreezeBrowser Pro calls a 'Keyword Catalog' will automatically be loaded.

Using Keywords in BreezeBrowser Pro

Learn about using the Keyword Catalog in BreezeBrowser Pro by visiting the 'How to use keywords and the Keyword List in BreezeBrowswer Pro' page.

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