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Key features of the '' Hierarchical Image Keyword List

Why do you need a List of Keywords ?

Lets first consider why you need a keyword list at all. After all, you could just open Lightroom or your other image editing programs and start keywording on the fly, adding keywords as they occur to you.

Here are 8 reasons why that's not a good idea:

  1. Consistency - using the same terms for similar photos throughout your collection makes searching and filtering much easier.
  2. Spelling - a Keyword List has already been checked for spelling mistakes. Misspelled words result in unique keywords, un-located images, and resultant lost income.
  3. Clarity - Nested terms are only on view when you want to look at them. When you start Lightroom, you will only see the seven Main Categories, not the full list of many thousand Keywords, but you can speedily 'drill down' to locate the exact words for your needs in a quick and logical way.
  4. Speed - a Keyword List will help you to quickly locate Keywords as they come to mind through a logical progression of sensible groupings.
  5. Similars - Once a topic has been opened, other keywords will suggest themselves, helping you to refine your description and keyword-set until you are satisfied that they can't be improved.
  6. Hierarchy - When a Keyword is chosen from a hierarchical list, its parent keywords are automatically added. Add 'Fox Terrier' and you automatically include 'dog', 'household pet', and 'mammal'.
  7. Completeness - It's important that no aspect of the image description is omitted when choosing keywords - Photo buyers expect your image to be keyworded in the correct way.
  8. Diversity - You probably have a good imagination, but it might take you a little time to match our list of approximately 33900 keywords ordered by 7 main categories, 100 sub-categories, and 819 sub-sub and deeper level categories.

Why do you need the '' list ?

So now you have realized some of the many benefits of using a pre-formatted list, you might be wondering why you should choose the '' list rather than one of its competitors. There are a number of reasons:

What the Keyword List looks like in practise..

You might be concerned that the sheer number of keywords and categories available to you will be overwhelm your workflow. Nothing could be further from the truth at all, as you can see in these screenshots from Lightroom...

Hierarchical keyword categories viewed in Lightroom Opening the Lightroom Keyword List Lightroom Keyword List open at the What - Fashion and Clothing - Clothing Man - Headwear category

When you open your Keyword List panel in Lightroom, Bridge, Photo Mechanic, or other photo-management programs, you will see the panel on the left, showing the 7 main categories. It is only when you start to expand the categories by clicking on the left triangles that you 'drill-down' through the different levels to quickly locate the exact keyword that you are looking for, and see the many alternatives that might also be appropriate for the photograph that you are keywording. Find out more by visiting the Keyword Categories page.

No other Keyword List goes to such trouble to make sure that every word in the catalog is directly applicable to the work you are doing.

To purchase the '' Hierarchical Image Keyword Catalog, please visit the Purchase page.

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