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Tab-Delimited List Merge Tool

Input List A (editable)

Input Lines:   In A but not B:   Illegal Characters:
Errors Found:   Bracket Counters   [   ]   {   }

Input List B (editable)

Input Lines:   In B but not A:   Illegal Characters:
Errors Found:   Bracket Counters   [   ]   {   }

Tooltip Answer Merge Input Lists
Performs error check then merges the two input lists.
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Tooltip Answer Clear All
Clear Input and Output Lists.
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Tooltip Answer Load a Test List with No Errors
This list demonstrates the sorting capabilities.
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Tooltip Answer Load a Test List with Included Errors
This list demonstrates how errors are caught and reported.
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Merged & Sorted List (non-editable)
	Rolls Royce
		Silver Cloud
		Silver Ghost
		Golden Delicious
		Granny Smith
		Golden Wonder
		King Edwards
		Marris Piper
Output Lines:


This webpage provides access to an online tool which merges and sorts two different TAB-delimited lists of keywords that have been pasted into the 'Input List A' and 'Input List B' windows.

When 'Merge Input Lists' is pressed, the program will perform a number of useful checks to locate the following common tab-indented list errors before list-comparison:

  • Illegal characters ,;<>|?
  • Missing or extra Square or Curly Brackets
  • Excess TAB characters
  • Blank Lines
  • Trailing TAB characters
  • Non-ASCII characters

It will then compare the tab-indented lists and count any differences, then merge the two lists and display the merged result in the 'Merged & Sorted List' window.

NB: This tool will NOT work if either Input List has been indented with extra TABs (i.e. if the first line has one or more leading TABs). Please remove these before using the Tab-Delimited List Sorting Tool. An easy way to do this is described on the Tab-Indented List Tutorial page.

You can't type a Tab-character into the Input List, but you can copy and paste one from somewhere else.

If no list has been pasted into the 'Input List' windows, two error-free test lists are displayed with some included differences between them. Try deleting or adding some more lines to see the error-checking in action. There is also a test list with a range of errors available, that is useful to check error-trapping. Click 'Clear All' to clear the lists.

For further information, please see the Tab-Delimited List Sorting and Error-Check Tool Help Page.

If you want to compare two tab-indented lists and examine the differences between them, see the Tab-Delimited List Comparison Tool.

If you want to see what your merged list will look like when its loaded into your image-processing program, see the Tab-Delimited List Visualisation and Error-Check Tool.

If you need additional tools for error-correction and common list-processing tasks, see the Tab-Delimited List Sorting and Error-Check Tool.

If you find the Tab-Delimited List Merge Tool useful I'd appreciate a mention in your Blog and any online groups.

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