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Online Tools for Developing, Maintaining, and Editing Tab-Indented Lists

If you want to develop you own Keyword Lists, or edit existing ones, it makes sense to use some form of automation to help you in this task. When editing by hand, it is all to easy to add typos, and the programs that use tab-indented lists such as Aperture, BreezeBrowser, Bridge, Lightroom, Photo Mechanic, etc. are all rather un-forgiving when it comes to list errors. If you are lucky, the program will give you some clue as to where the error lies, but usually you will receive a less-than-helpful "Only text files encoded with ASCII or unicode UTF-8 are supported when importing keywords" message.

Hey - I'm a photographer. I've heard of ASCII but I'm not sure what it means. Not got a clue about 'unicode UTF-8'. What do I do next?

Don't worry. This website tries to help in its 'Under The Hood' section, with its Tab-Indented List Tutorial and useful articles on Tab-Indented List Format, How to Edit a Tab-Indented List, and How to Spot Non-ASCII Characters.

We also provide a range of online tools specifically designed for creating, editing, error-location, and error-correction in tab-indented keyword lists. There is no charge to use them, but if they helped you do your job quicker or more accurately, I'd appreciate a mention in your Blog and any online groups.

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