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Welcome to Tab-List Tools


Welcome to Tab-List Tools - a comprehensive toolkit for all aspects of creating, editing, checking and visualizing tab-indented lists. Until now, the task of creating, error-checking, and visualizing a tab-indented list was fraught with problems. There was no suitable software, and errors were easy to miss. As one of the leading suppliers of tab-indented lists for the photographic industry though my Photo-Keywords.Com website, I have had much experience with the many problems that can be generated by improperly formatted data, and know from personal experience how difficult it is to spot tiny errors that can bring software such as Adobe Lightroom grinding to a sudden and unexpected halt. I have created a lot of tools in the past to generate my own lists, and have now put all these together in one handy package for anyone who needs to work with their own tab-indented lists.


Quick Start

Introduction to the Tab-Indented List Format

How to use The Clipboard and the Scratch Pad

How to Locate and Fix Errors in a Tab-Indented List

How to Visualize a Tab-Indented List

How to Add Notes to a List

How to Identify the Hierarchy in a List

How to Fix Hierarchy Positions

How to Check for Duplicates in a List

How to Sort a List

How to Compare Two Lists

How to Search and Replace

How to Split a List into Smaller Files

How to Build a List from Smaller Files

How to Convert a List to a Different Format

How to Mark Files as Favorites

How to Interpret the Status Line